Veterinary Energetics Training will bring a substantial new component of diagnostics and treatment to your practice.

Welcome to Vet Energetics (V.E.T. Veterinary Energetics Training). We are a training organization training veterinarians in a new approach to alternative medicine. This approach has been used very successfully in the human world for over 35 years in both diagnostics and treatment. It is time to get this to the veterinary world (Ziggy deserves the best healthcare we can provide).





Vet Energetics book

The Book Vet Energetics is study a guide and protocol.

It includes a complete description of the diagnostic approach and treatment plan, and will be taught in detail at the seminar.

This approach will help resolve the following imbalances and much  more :

  1. Allergy elimination
  2. Detox (virus, parasites, bacteria, etc…)
  3. Increasing absorbing and decreasing rejection of vitamins and minerals
  4. Balancing of body chemistry
  5. Injury rehab, surgical rehab
  6. General cranky disposition

Said no one ever!

“I get enough feedback from my patient. Applied kinesiology is not beneficial.”, said no one ever!

“I’m always clear in my diagnosis between cancers, bacteria, virus, parasite, or allergies”, said no one ever!

“Drugs and surgery work so well, that a lesser invasive approach is not necessary”, said no one ever!

“Allergy elimination is not necessary. Drugs work just fine”, said no one ever!

“I’ve had so much veterinary schooling, I know it all”, said no one ever!

“Veterinary school does an excellent job at teaching alternative medicine”, said no one ever!