“Charles Holman is an acupuncture consultant at my veterinary clinic and is now teaching me how to do  the Vet Energetics protocol. First of all the amount of detail that we have been able to aquire  has been truly profound. As a veterinarian we have all struggled with the question “Is the imbalance at hand a bacteria, virus, parasite,  cancer or just an allergy?” With this approach, we are now getting extremely accurate answers to that question, and we can take it a step further and discern which bacteria, cancer, virus, or parasite we are dealing with. These are the types of questions we are now able to answer with this approach. From a healing perspective, it’s a dramatic advantage to know which one of the above you’re detoxing.

If theres an allergy involved, is it something from the environment, or something they may be eating or touching? As healers, its all about feedback, and the transfer of energy. This approach to healing will take feedback to a whole new level.

 Along with working with Charles in my veterinary clinic, I have also taken his class in applied kinesiology (the diagnostics of the vet energetics protocol).  The information was well thought out and presented carefully. The other students in the class all seemed to be excited about the work and were able to pick it up quickly.

I am so very honored to be working with Charles Holman and learning the vet energetics approach to healing. I highly recommend this seminar, Vet Energetics, to all Veterinarians.”

Elizabeth Lawrence, DVM, MS

Family Veterinary Hospital
3951 Evergreen Parkway Access Rd
Evergreen, CO 80439
(303) 679-8387

“I Highly recommend Dr Liz and Charles Holman with Vet Energetics Treatments. They have been treating my 9 year old Tibetan Terrier. The treatment protocol has been very beneficial. My dog was first treated for a reaction to iodine. I will continue to take my dog for treatments when necessary.”

Pet Owner