Our Approach

Every now and then medicine takes a leap forward, this clearly happened when applied kinesiology came forth in the late 1960’s. Since then many practitioners in the diverse field of medicine have used it successfully to determine root cause and get a direct feedback on the results of treatment. With applied kinesiology giving us direct feedback and the use of the like energy (law of attraction) it is now time for this approach to have the same impact in the veterinary world of medicine.

This approach to healing started with a book called “As a man thinketh” by James Allen, circa 1890. He describes the law of attraction as a fundamental law of nature. This law of nature and philosophy has manifested through the years in numerous different modalities. It is the number one philosophy promoted by motivational speakers of today, and is being used by western medicine in vaccinations and other western medical approaches. For the last 35 years it has become an extremely important modality for acupuncturists and other alternative practitioners.

The Vet Energetics protocol is extremely diverse in both diagnostics and treatment. It is a system that will give you the basic understanding and from there we recommend you add your own personal creativity and expertise. 

It is the most effective approach at detoxing negative energy (bacteria, viruses and parasites), allergy illumination, and increasing the absorption of vitamins and minerals.